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8th Annual Energy Summit

Event type: Action

Start date: Čtvrtek, 2023-11-23 10:00 - 14:00

Venue: Vstupní hala III, Kongresový sál

Organizer: ABF

WWW: https://energosummit.cz/

Visitor capacity remains: -883

ENERGO SUMMIT deals with the most fundamental topics of the current world of energy, which will be discussed by leading experts from the Czech Republic and abroad. The audience will mainly include directors, executives and board members of the largest, medium and small companies, unions and other subjects from the field of energy. The summit will be held in the Congress Hall, which has a capacity of up to 650 people and is equipped with the most modern technology.




- The current state of energy in the Czech Republic with regard
to the requirements to replace supplies from Russia, SEK, Green deal,
problems and plans
- Energy security of the Czech Republic, search for new suppliers abroad




- Current problems in the energy market from the perspective
of energy suppliers and customers
- Presentation of specific solutions for customers, increasing
the energy efficiency of the use of resources and supplies
- Experience of large energy consumers in practice and savings

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